Ariana Madix Net Worth, Personal Life, Family, Career & More

Ariana Madix was born June 1985 in Melbourne, Florida and is widely recognized for her multidisciplinary talents as an actress, model, reality television personality and businessperson. With an estimated net worth estimated at over $2 Million and making waves through appearances such as Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules; Madix has established herself in entertainment circles.

What Is Ariana Madix’s Background?

Ariana Madix began life in Florida upon the birth of both of her parents Jim and Tanya Madix. From an early age she developed her love of horses by participating in horseback riding events as well as dancing competitions – winning two national dance championships during this period!

Ariana graduated from Eau Gallie High School in 2003 before going on to Flagler College where she earned two bachelor’s degrees – Theatre and Broadcast Communications. While at Flagler she made appearances as iconic characters such as Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora in Disney World Park.

How Did She Break Into Reality TV?

Ariana first made her television debut in 2012 as part of Lisa Vanderpump’s Los Angeles restaurants featured on “Vanderpump Rules”, its second season. Due to her sense of humor and willingness to express herself freely on camera, Ariana quickly become a fan favorite on camera; so much so that “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, featuring Ariana as one of its stars for its second season was created just so they could feature Ariana as one of its stars!

“Scandoval” represents an integral chapter in Ariana’s life; she began dating fellow “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Tom Sandoval shortly after meeting on set in 2014. Their romance became an important plotpoint during season nine. Unfortunately, in March 2023 it all changed abruptly when Ariana discovered Tom had been having an affair with Raquel Leviss; her revelation sent shockwaves through Ariana’s fan base and quickly became the primary topic in season 9.

What Are Her Salary and Endorsements?

Ariana’s income streams go beyond reality TV appearances. Since her appearance on “Scandoval”, Ariana has seen both social media post earnings and endorsement opportunities increase considerably; although exact figures were never disclosed. Her increased visibility has surely resulted in additional earnings opportunities resulting from this boost to visibility.

Ariana and Tom made headlines in February 2019 when they made headlines by purchasing a home in Valley Village for $2.07 million in Los Angeles. When their relationship later unravelled later that month, Tom offered to purchase her out at $3.1 million; but Ariana declined.

What Are Ariana Madix’s Future Plans?

Ariana Madix’s impressive journey from competitive equestrian and dancer to reality TV star and social media influencer stands as proof of her versatility and resilience. While she continues building up her brand following “Scandoval”, fans eagerly anticipate seeing what awaits this dynamic personality next in life.

Ariana Madix’s story is one of talent, dedication, and adaptability. Since her childhood in Florida to her rise within the entertainment industry, Ariana has demonstrated herself more than simply another reality TV star; with an expansive skill set capable of turning challenges into opportunities; Ariana will remain an indispensable presence within entertainment for years.

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