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Ben Zobrist, an iconic MLB veteran renowned for his versatility on the field and success as an All-Star and two World Series winners during 14 seasons playing with various MLB clubs such as Tampa Bay Rays, Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs, is now retired after 14 years on the diamond.

What Does the Lawsuit Against Byron Yawn Involve?

Ben Zobrist filed a $6 Million lawsuit against former pastor Byron Yawn alleging fraud with respect to Zobrist’s charity foundation and engaging in an affair with Julianna Zobrist’s wife Julianna, as reported in Nashville Circuit Court. Additionally, Yawn is being accused of breaching Zobrist’s trust by exploiting ministerial-counselor roles for personal gain.

How Did Byron Yawn Allegedly Betray Ben Zobrist?

In its lawsuit, Julianna Zobrist alleges that Yawn began engaging in an intimate relationship with Julianna Zobrist during 2018, while still acting as family counselor to Ben Zobrist’s charity and receiving salary as well as extra funds for its operation. According to allegations contained within it, this conduct allowed Yawn to maintain burner phones to contact Julianna as he also collected salaries as part of this arrangement and funds from Ben for additional religious projects he supported at Ben’s charity.

What Impact Has Ben Zobrist Experienced From This Alleged Affair?

Ben Zobrist claimed in his lawsuit against Yawn that her exploiting Zobrist’s celebrity status led him to take an eight-month leave from Chicago Cubs baseball, costing him $8 Million in income. She used her relationship to gain financial and church benefits at Zobrist’s expense.

What Are Julianna Zobrist Doing Now?

Julianna Zobrist is an inspirational speaker and author who continues to update her Instagram followers about her life and work, even amid ongoing legal proceedings between herself, her former pastor husband, and Julianna’s husband, Josh Zobrist.

What Are the Allegations in This Lawsuit?

This lawsuit alleges that Byron Yawn violated his fiduciary duty to Ben Zobrist by engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with Julianna Zobrist and exploiting his access as counselor deceitfully. Additionally, Yawn used Zobrist’s celebrity status for personal gain or church gain.

How did Ben Zobrist Discover the Affair?

According to the lawsuit, Yawn’s affair was revealed after his wife contacted Ben Zobrist with concerns regarding his behavior, prompting Zobrist to conduct further inquiries, leading him to discover and then take legal action over this affair.

What Does Ben Zobrist’s Instagram Post from 2018 Mean?

Ben Zobrist revealed his deep regard for Julianna on Instagram in 2018, commending her voice and heart upon the publication of Julianna’s book “Pull it Off.” His post speaks volumes to how much Zobrist loved Julianna prior to events that resulted in their divorce suit being filed against them.

Ben Zobrist and Byron Yawn’s lawsuit is an intricate legal tussle involving allegations of fraud, infidelity and breach of trust. As it progresses, we gain insight into both Ben’s personal struggles as a prominent MLB player as well as their effects on both his family life and professional endeavors.

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