Bollant Idustries Net Worth, Bio, Awards, lifestyle and much more!

Srikanth Bolla’s journey is truly inspiring. Born visually impaired but undaunted by obstacles such as being denied admission into science classes at first, after six-month legal proceedings his educational opportunities eventually expanded and he scored 98% on his board exams despite initial denials of entry into those subject. His family supported and encouraged his aspirations while his focus never faltered despite obstacles presented along the way. Initially denied study permit because of age restriction restrictions during 12th year academic career- despite this setback his success led to 98% board exam score with distinction!

Bolla’s blindness prevented his dream of studying engineering; however, he found a solution at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), becoming the first blind student from outside of America to enroll in management science studies there and become part of history by making history himself back home in India. Through these experiences he not only honed his skills further but was empowered with even greater determination to make significant differences back home in India.

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Africa.

Bolla co-founded the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities in 2011, complete with its Braille printing press – marking only the start of his journey towards helping empower individuals living with disabilities.

Bolla founded Bollant Industries with support from esteemed industrialist Ratan Tata in 2012. Employing hundreds of people with disabilities, Bollant specializes in eco-friendly production such as recycled Kraft paper production and disposable items made with natural leaf material combined with recycled paper waste recycling; their turnover reached $150 Million last year! Bollant Industries continues its remarkable expansion; turning over an incredible $150 Million last year alone!

Bolla demonstrated his dedication to social impact by founding the Surge Impact Foundation in 2016. This foundation strives to support Indian citizens and institutions achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Recognition and Awards

Bolla’s efforts have not gone unnoticed; in recognition of this work he was honored with several awards including: 1) Awarded with the Distinguished Youth Service Award 2) Receiving Youth Excellence Awards from Telugu Fine Arts Society of New Jersey (3) Receiving Entrepreneur of the Year Award from NDTV Indian of the Year Awards 2015(4) And in 2017 Forbes magazine listed him among only three Indians featured on its 30 under 30 Asia list

Bolla found his match in Swathi and they married on April 28, 2022, sharing many mutual interests and supporting each other’s endeavors together.

An Upcoming Biopic

Bollywood has taken notice of Srikanth Bolla’s inspiring life story and plans are underway for a biopic on him to be produced under director Tushar Hiranandani titled, tentatively entitled “Srikanth Bolla.” Rajkummar Rao will play Bolla and will shed light on his journey and overcome to become one of India’s successful industriali

As of 2022, Srikanth Bolla estimated he is estimated to be worth an estimated 50 crore Indian rupees; most likely from his successful venture Bollant Industries. His story serves as proof that with dedication and vision anyone can overcome any barrier and make an indelible mark on society.

Srikanth Bolla stands as an inspiration, showing that physical limitations do not stand a chance against determination and hard work. His tireless advocacy on behalf of individuals with disabilities combined with his entrepreneurial success make him an amazing role model for future entrepreneurs and social activists alike. With Bolla continuing his path of creating positive change through activism and breaking barriers, his story will undoubtedly continue inspiring generations yet unborn.

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