Cody Rhodes Net Worth, Bio, Age, Salary, Wife and More

Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes is one of the leading figures in professional wrestling. Born to wrestling icon Dusty Rhodes and younger brother Dustin Rhodes, wrestling runs in Cody’s veins; over time he has made himself into an esteemed wrestler, promoter, entrepreneur, and actor in his own right.

Cody Rhodes Returns to Wrestling in WWE

Cody Rhodes made a successful comeback to WWE in 2022, reigniting his career where it first started. WrestleMania 38 saw Rhodes celebrate this comeback by defeating Seth Rollins to kick-off an exciting new chapter of his wrestling journey. Since then, Rhodes has continued making waves within WWE by winning Royal Rumble 2023 and headlining WrestleMania Hollywood; not only boosting fanfare but also significantly increasing net worth!

Cody Rhodes in AEW

Cody Rhodes made headlines before his return to WWE as a key figure of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), an upstart promotion which would become one of the premier rival promotions to WWE. Serving both as Executive Vice President and top talent for AEW, Rhodes made lasting memories while significantly growing his net worth during his time there.

The Bullet Club and Stardust Persona

Cody Rhodes has established himself as one of the premiere wrestlers worldwide over his years-long wrestling journey. As part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor’s (ROH) Bullet Club stable, where he further cemented himself as a top talent; for WWE however, Cody adopted Stardust, an iconic figure who showcased both his versatility in both ring combat as well as behind a microphone performance.

Financial Success and Endorsements

Cody Rhodes earned approximately $8 Million as of 2024, ranking among the higher-earning WWE Superstars. Rhodes leveraged his wrestling fame through endorsement deals like WWE Shop, Fanatics and Mattel Creation in order to build wealth through various business ventures and endorsement deals that contributed to his fortune. His ability to leverage wrestling for business ventures played an instrumental role in building wealth.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Cody Rhodes is well known for his charitable works outside the ring. Using his platform to advocate on various causes ranging from relief efforts for COVID-19 patients and homeless pets sheltering to his participation in fundraising events and matching donations made on their behalf – Cody has used his charity efforts as leverage against some powerful opponents!

A Glimpse into Cody Rhodes’ Personal Life

Cody Rhodes enjoys life outside the wrestling spotlight in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Brandi Reed and Cheval, Florida homes featuring luxurious furnishings and amenities to reflect his success in his professional wrestling career. Additionally, Rhodes owns two vacation properties in Breckenridge for relaxation away from wrestling competition.

American Nightmare Car Collection

Cody Rhodes’ love for high-performance vehicles can be seen through his vast car collection which boasts the likes of Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes G Class and Porsche Panamera models – each reflecting his taste for both luxury and speed.

Cody Rhodes on Entertainment

Cody Rhodes has made waves beyond wrestling through his entertainment endeavors, such as movies and TV shows where he appears as an actor – this helps add value to his net worth while showing the depth of his talents as an entertainer.

Cody Rhodes’ Continued Dominance

Cody Rhodes remains one of the premier wrestlers on the scene today, cementing his status as The American Nightmare even further. Since returning to WWE and venturing in AEW as well as participating in various business and charitable initiatives involving his industry – his ascension from son of legendary wrestler to superstar is testimony of talent, hard work and devotion for what he loves doing: wrestling!

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