Dave Calhoun Net Worth, How Much Money Is Dave Calhoun Worth?

David L. Calhoun’s role at Boeing Co as President, CEO, and Director is testament to his vast aerospace knowledge and experience. Furthermore, an estimated net worth estimate for November 4, 2022 put his financial acumen on display! Let us delve further into Calhoun’s career contributions at this firm.

How Much Is David L. Calhoun Worth?

David L. Calhoun holds an extensive financial portfolio that comprises more than 25,000 shares of Boeing Co stock valued at $4,785,250 that have been sold over 15 years, realizing proceeds totalling $20,667,800 in sales proceeds. Furthermore, as President and CEO at Boeing Co he benefits from an enviable total compensation package worth $558,946.

What are Calhoun’s credentials within the Aerospace Industry?

Calhoun’s career in aerospace has been marked with outstanding successes. Serving as President, CEO and Director at Boeing Co for 18 years he was integral in setting its strategic direction – designing, producing, selling and manufacturing aircraft, rockets, satellites telecommunication equipment & missiles to be sold around the globe.

What Are Calhoun’s Insider Trading Activities?

Calhoun has been an active participant in the stock market, conducting 24 trades of Boeing Co stock since 2013. Most recently he purchased 25,000 shares valued at $3.972,000 on November 4, 2022; prior to that his largest transaction involved exchanging 577,320 shares valued at over $18,941,869 on August 8, 2016.

How Does Calhoun Differ From Other Boeing Executives?

Calhoun earned total compensation at Boeing Co of $558,946 this year while Stanley A. Deal was still awarded with more generous compensation – $2,538,363. However, Calhoun’s salary highlights both his role in the organization as well as how compensation works within Boeing for their executive team.

What Are Calhoun’s Age and Experience Level?

Calhoun brings decades of experience to Boeing Co as President & CEO & Director at age 63. Throughout this tenure he has consistently demonstrated strategic thinking to guide them through various challenges and opportunities presented.

How Active Are Boeing Insiders in Trading?

Over 22 years, Boeing Co insiders have traded $211,316,760 worth of stock at an average transaction value of over $1.993,152 over 22 transactions – with David L. Calhoun, Steven Mollenkopf and David Leon Joyce being some of the most active. Each trade took approximately 15 days on average with each transaction totalling an average transaction value of an average $1.993,152 per trade.

What Role Does Boeing Play in Aerospace Industry?

Boeing Co is one of the cornerstones of aerospace industry, boasting an expansive product portfolio including airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, telecom equipment and missiles – with Calhoun leading their strategic direction as CEO of this global enterprise.

Overall, David L. Calhoun’s leadership at Boeing Co is distinguished by financial acumen, strategic decision making abilities and extensive industry knowledge. His insider trading activities and compensation demonstrate his dedication and contribution towards Boeing’s success; furthermore as they innovate and expand globally he will play an invaluable role in helping navigate challenges while seizing opportunities that lie ahead as President/CEO/Director.

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