Dawn Staley Net Worth How Much Does Dawn Staley Make?

As the Final Four in Cleveland approaches, not only is history on the line for South Carolina, but also a chance for coach Dawn Staley to join the ranks of the elite in college basketball. With two more victories, the Gamecocks would become the 10th undefeated national champion in women’s college basketball history, and Staley would become one of only 11 coaches to have their name on three national title trophies. Let’s delve into the salaries and contracts of the coaches leading their teams to this pinnacle of college basketball.

Wes Moore: The Veteran Leader of NC State

Wes Moore, in his 11th season with the NC State Wolfpack, has a record of 273-87. With 35 seasons of head coaching experience, Moore has consistently brought his teams to the NCAA Tournament since 2016 and has now guided the Wolfpack to their second Final Four. His salary has already surpassed $1 million this season, and with the Final Four achievement, he’s set for a $150,000 raise next year. A national championship win would further boost his salary by $300,000, adding a $100,000 bonus to his earnings.

Lisa Bluder: Steering Iowa to Success

Lisa Bluder, in her 24th season at Iowa, boasts a record of 527-253. She has led the Hawkeyes to 18 NCAA Tournament appearances, with significant success in the past decade. With the dominance of guard Caitlin Clark, Iowa has reached back-to-back Final Four appearances. After last season’s run, Bluder secured a contract extension through the 2028-29 season, earning $1.4 million annually, making her the eighth highest-paid coach in women’s college basketball. Reaching the Elite Eight this season earned her an additional $150,000 raise for the next season.

Geno Auriemma: The Legendary UConn Coach

Geno Auriemma, with 39 seasons at UConn, has an impressive record of 1,213-161. He’s seeking to extend his record of national championships to 12 this week. Despite missing the Final Four in 2023, Auriemma has the Huskies back in contention for their first national title since 2016. As the second highest-paid coach in women’s college basketball, Auriemma earns $3.1 million annually, just behind LSU’s Kim Mulkey. A national championship win would add a $100,000 bonus to his earnings.

Dawn Staley: The Driving Force Behind South Carolina

Dawn Staley, in her 16th season with South Carolina, has a record of 438-106. She has transformed the Gamecocks into a powerhouse, with two national titles already under her belt. Staley is currently in the third year of a seven-year, $22.4 million contract, earning $3.1 million this season, matching Auriemma’s salary. She has hit every performance incentive in her contract this season, including a recent $25,000 bonus for being named the Naismith Coach of the Year. A national championship win would elevate her 2024 bonuses to $680,000, bringing her total earnings to nearly $3.8 million.

In conclusion, the coaches leading their teams to the Final Four not only showcase their prowess on the court but also command significant salaries and bonuses that reflect their success and contributions to women’s college basketball. As the tournament unfolds, the financial stakes are high, but the focus remains on the pursuit of the coveted national title.

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