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Debbie Kepitis, daughter of the late poultry magnate Bob Ingham, carries on a rich legacy in the world of horse racing and breeding. As a key figure in the renowned Ingham Racing and the co-owner of the legendary mare Winx, Kepitis has made a significant impact on the industry.

The Ingham Heritage: A Foundation in Racing and Breeding

The Ingham family’s involvement in horse racing dates back decades, with Bob Ingham and his brother Jack establishing themselves as prominent figures through their all-cerise silks. Their contributions to the sport were further solidified with the creation of Woodlands Stud, a premier thoroughbred nursery in the Hunter region. Kepitis grew up immersed in this world, developing a deep appreciation for the intricacies of breeding and racing.

The Evolution of a Passion: From Spectator to Influencer

While Kepitis’ early experiences in racing were as a spectator, her role evolved as she became more involved in the family’s breeding operations. Her exposure to Woodlands Stud and the successful horses it produced, such as Octagonal (NZ) and Lonhro, fueled her passion for the industry. This passion was not forced upon her; rather, it grew organically through her interactions and observations within the family business.

Woppitt Bloodstock: Expanding the Legacy

In addition to her involvement in Ingham Racing, Kepitis, alongside her husband and daughters, runs Woppitt Bloodstock. This venture represents a more commercial aspect of their breeding interests, complementing the primarily breed-to-race focus of Ingham Racing. Through Woppitt Bloodstock, Kepitis has celebrated successes such as Lindermann, a Group 1 winner and a testament to the family’s continued excellence in the field.

The Heart of Breeding: A Love for the Sport and Its Progeny

For Kepitis, breeding is not just a business; it’s a passion deeply rooted in a love for the animals and the sport. Seeing the offspring of former racehorses and broodmares succeed on the track brings immense joy and pride. Recent standouts like Fangirl and Lindermann, as well as promising newcomers like Cigar Flick, exemplify the fulfillment that comes from breeding top-quality racehorses.

The Challenges and Joys of Breeding a Legend: Winx’s Journey to Motherhood

Breeding from a mare as exceptional as Winx is both an honor and a challenge. Kepitis describes the process as fraught with anxiety but ultimately rewarding. Despite the initial setbacks, including the loss of Winx’s first foal, the hope remains strong for her future offspring. Winx’s presence and legacy continue to inspire Kepitis and the entire racing community.

A Partnership with Coolmore: A Synergy in Breeding Excellence

Kepitis’ relationship with Coolmore Stud is a cornerstone of her breeding endeavors. The partnership extends beyond housing the Ingham and Woppitt mares; it’s a collaboration that feels like family. Coolmore’s reputation for excellence and its welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal partner for the Kepitis and Ingham operations.

The Importance of Family: A Guiding Principle in Racing and Life

At the heart of Kepitis’ journey in the racing world is her belief in the importance of family. Despite the challenges and disagreements that may arise, the shared goals and mutual respect within the family have been key to their success. Kepitis emphasizes the need for compromise and collaboration, values that have guided her both in the racing industry and in her personal life.

Conclusion: Carrying Forward a Rich Legacy

Debbie Kepitis’ story is one of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for horse racing and breeding. As she continues to build upon the legacy of Ingham Racing and forge new paths with Woppitt Bloodstock, her impact on the industry is undeniable. With family at the core of her endeavors, Kepitis exemplifies the enduring spirit and resilience that define the world of thoroughbred racing.

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