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In a revealing discussion with the Radio Times, acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor opened up about the significance of intimacy coordinators on film and TV sets, emphasizing their importance in creating a safe environment for actors, even when filming intimate scenes with his own wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in their latest series, “A Gentleman in Moscow.”

Bridging Professional and Personal Worlds

Set against the post-revolutionary Russia backdrop, “A Gentleman in Moscow” stars McGregor as Count Alexander Rostov – an aristocrat trapped inside an hotel for decades – playing off Winstead’s Anna Urbanova as his life is interwoven into theirs in an intricate narrative with romance and complexity at every turn.

Despite their off-screen relationship, McGregor firmly believes in the necessity of an intimacy coordinator’s role. “It’s still necessary, because it’s also about the crew, and it’s odd to be naked in front of people, it’s odd to be intimate in front of the camera,” he explained. Drawing a parallel to dance scenes that require a choreographer, McGregor highlighted the coordinator’s role as a mediator and guide, ensuring both actors and directors achieve their vision respectfully and comfortably.

The Journey of McGregor and Winstead

McGregor and Winstead met during filming of FX series Fargo in 2017 where their on-screen chemistry quickly translated to an intimate personal bond. Reflecting upon that first scene together, McGregor recalls an instant recognition from everyone on set that marked both professional and personal journeys together.

A Family Affair in Acting

McGregor holds intimacy coordinators close to his heart due to both personal experiences as well as family involvement in acting. With Clara and Esther both taking an interest in acting careers, McGregor understands first-hand what young actors face when entering this competitive industry; his daughters Clara and Esther being Clara and Esther’s acting teachers respectively, McGregor expressed concerns regarding scenarios where eager talent might feel pressured into agreeing to nudity scenes or intimate scenes they later come to regret.

McGregor believes intimate coordinators play a vital role in safeguarding actors against possible exploitation by providing an experienced professional with whom to discuss boundaries and comfort levels – especially among newcomers to the industry. He considers their advocacy essential in maintaining dignity and respect on set, particularly for newcomers to the business.

A Gentleman in Moscow: A New Chapter

“A Gentleman in Moscow,” premiering on March 29 on Paramount+ with Showtime, immerses audiences into an immersive narrative of confinement, romance and resilience. McGregor offers unique insight into filmmaking techniques as he champions for safe working conditions for actors within Hollywood – something his insights into his filming process revealed much.

As McGregor and Winstead continue their exploration of new territories both on-screen and off, their collaboration in “A Gentleman in Moscow” promises not only an entertaining viewing experience but is a reflection of filmmaking today; with respect, consent, and safety being put at the center of production decisions.

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