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In the world of eyewear, innovation that combines functionality, style, and convenience is rare. Yet, Eyewris, a groundbreaking foldable reading glasses concept, has emerged as a beacon of innovation. Conceived by Mark Singer and his son Kenzo, Eyewris has quickly captivated the market and the hearts of many, including the discerning panel of Shark Tank investors. But what makes Eyewris stand out in a crowded marketplace?

What is Eyewris?

At its core, Eyewris is not just a pair of reading glasses; it’s a solution to the age-old problem of misplaced eyewear. The genius of Eyewris lies in its foldable design, allowing the glasses to curl around the wearer’s wrist when not in use. This unique feature ensures that your glasses are always within reach, a simple yet effective solution to a common issue.

Who Are the Minds Behind Eyewris?

Mark Singer, an award-winning inventor known for his role in creating the iconic Gorilla Glue, and his son Kenzo, a Cornell University alum with expertise in structural engineering and architecture, are the masterminds behind Eyewris. Their collaboration brought to life a product that marries function with form, solving a practical problem with an elegant design solution.

The Journey to Shark Tank

The road to success was not straightforward for the Singers. Despite facing setbacks, including a failed Kickstarter campaign, their persistence paid off when they presented Eyewris on Shark Tank. Their pitch, imbued with emotion and a clear vision, led to an unprecedented deal with all five Sharks. But what was it about Eyewris that moved the Sharks to invest?

What Sets Eyewris Apart?

Eyewris stands out through its patented bi-stable bridge design, enabling the glasses to seamlessly transition from a functional eyewear piece to a stylish wrist accessory. This innovation not only solves the practical issue of keeping reading glasses within arm’s reach but also introduces a new fashion statement in eyewear.

Quality and Durability

The construction of Eyewris glasses speaks volumes about their quality. Made from materials like nickel-titanium memory metal and Swiss-developed TR-90 thermoplastic, these glasses promise durability and comfort. The lenses, ten times more impact-resistant than standard materials, offer 100% UV protection and a blue light filter, highlighting the brand’s commitment to eye health.

The Shark Tank Effect

Appearing on Shark Tank propelled Eyewris into the limelight, illustrating the power of storytelling and emotional connection in business. The “Shark Tank effect” has not only boosted sales but has also significantly increased the brand’s visibility. But what does the future hold for Eyewris post-Shark Tank?

Growth and Market Potential

With its unique value proposition and the backing of the Sharks, Eyewris is poised for substantial growth. The eyewear market, hungry for innovation, has warmly received Eyewris’s blend of design, functionality, and quality. The potential for licensing deals further expands the horizon for Eyewris, promising a bright future.

Why Invest in Eyewris?

Despite a higher price point than traditional reading glasses, Eyewris offers unparalleled value. The convenience of having your glasses on your wrist, combined with the assurance of durability and eye protection, makes Eyewris a sensible investment for anyone reliant on reading glasses.

A Vision for the Future

Eyewris is more than just a product; it’s a vision for the future of eyewear. As the brand grows, its commitment to innovation, quality, and user-centric design will continue to drive its success. With a solid foundation and a clear path forward, Eyewris is set to redefine the eyewear industry.

Eyewris is not just a testament to the power of innovation but also a story of resilience and emotional connection. Mark and Kenzo Singer’s journey from a failed Kickstarter to a successful Shark Tank pitch exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit. Eyewris, with its unique blend of design, functionality, and quality, is poised to remain a game-changer in the eyewear market, proving that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most revolutionary.

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