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Mr. Suárez’s life story is a testament to resilience and the power of turning personal tragedy into a force for positive change. Born in Tenango del Aire in the State of Mexico, he grew up in a family with a strong government background, with his father being a high-ranking official in the Mexican government. However, it was the untimely death of his son, Jesús Alberto Suárez del Solar Navarro, in the Iraq War that would set Mr. Suárez on a path of peace activism and advocacy for veterans’ rights.

Who is Mr. Suárez?

Mr. Suárez’s early life was marked by a series of relocations, from Mexico City to Puebla, and eventually to Tijuana. His educational journey saw him studying at the Universidad Militar Latino Americana before pursuing law at the UNAM. The family’s move to Tijuana was a turning point, as it brought them closer to the U.S. border, where his son was recruited into the U.S. Marines. This decision would later profoundly impact the Suárez family.

How Did Mr. Suárez Respond to His Son’s Death?

The loss of his son in the Iraq War was a pivotal moment for Mr. Suárez. Jesús Alberto Suárez del Solar Navarro was not just a soldier; he was the first soldier of Mexican origin to die in the invasion of Iraq. The circumstances of his death, stepping on a cluster bomb dropped by U.S. forces, fueled Mr. Suárez’s resolve to advocate for peace and seek alternatives to military enlistment.

What is the Guerrero Azteca for Peace Project?

In response to his son’s death, Mr. Suárez founded the Guerrero Azteca for Peace Project. This initiative aimed to promote peace and provide alternatives to military service, especially for young people. Mr. Suárez’s commitment to this cause saw him traveling to Iraq in December 2003, where he visited the site of his son’s death, further solidifying his resolve to fight for peace.

What Was the Significance of the Anti-War March from Tijuana to San Francisco?

In 2006, Mr. Suárez led an anti-war march from Tijuana to San Francisco, drawing inspiration from Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union’s Peregrinación to Sacramento in 1966. This march was not just a protest against the war; it was a symbolic journey that echoed the struggles of the past while highlighting the ongoing issues of war and its impact on families.

How Has Mr. Suárez Supported Latino/a Active Duty Military Members?

Mr. Suárez’s activism extended to supporting Latino/a active-duty military members who protested against the war. Figures like Pablo Paredes and Camilo Mejía found an ally in Mr. Suárez, who used his platform to advocate for their rights and their stance against the war. His support for these individuals underscored his commitment to peace and justice for all military members.

What Was the Open Letter to Mr. Trump About?

In 2020, Mr. Suárez joined a group of Gold Star families in penning an Open Letter to protest the mistreatment of Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan by Mr. Trump in the media. This letter was a powerful statement against the disrespect shown to families who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Legacy of Mr. Suárez

Mr. Suárez’s journey from a grieving father to a peace activist and advocate for veterans’ rights is a story of transformation and hope. His efforts to promote peace, support active-duty military members, and stand up against injustice have left an indelible mark on the communities he has touched. His legacy is a reminder that even in the face of personal tragedy, one can find the strength to make a positive impact on the world.

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