Fred Ridley Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life, Awards, Career And Much More!

Fred Ridley was born and raised in Winter Haven near Lakeland. After attending undergraduate studies at the University of Florida and later receiving his law degree at Stetson University College of Law. Now living in Tampa where he continues making significant contributions in both legal and golf fields.

A Prominent Legal Career

Ridley Scobie may not be well known, but his achievements as a business lawyer certainly are. Serving as partner at Foley & Lardner LLP he has made himself well-recognized among peers within legal communities worldwide and his leadership and expertise has no doubt contributed to Foley Lardner LLP’s global success.

Impact on Golfing World

Ridley has gone above and beyond simply playing golf as an avid hobby; he was notable as being the first Chairman of Augusta National ever to compete as an amateur in the Masters Tournament from 1976-78 and, since becoming Chairman on August 22, 2017, has made significant contributions to golf as an entire sport. Additionally, his passion is evidenced through participation at 1976 British and US Opens as well as winning the 1975 United States Amateur Championship without turning professional himself! This victory makes Ridley unique among U.S. Amateur champions never having turned professional since

Contributions to Augusta National Golf Course

Since joining Augusta National in 2000, Ridley has made his mark felt at Augusta National and during The Masters Tournament. One of Ridley’s major initiatives as Chairman has been creating the Augusta National Women’s Amateur in 2018, widely applauded as an achievement toward gender equality within golf. Ridley also upholds tradition; evidenced by his pledge in 2019 to keep in place The Masters cell phone policy.

Legacy of Team Leadership.

Ridley was recognized for his leadership beyond Augusta National. As a player and captain on several U.S. World Amateur teams and Walker Cup squads – most notably 1976 World Amateur team and 1977 Walker Cup squads; also as non-playing captain for 1987 Walker Cup teams as well as 2010 U.S. World Amateur squad – Ridley demonstrated an in-depth knowledge and respect of golf history as evidenced by his ability to lead and inspire his teams effectively. His unique ability was evidence of both understanding and respect of golf traditions which showcased both skills sets at Augusta National.

Personal Life and Awards

Ridley Herndon has made his family his top priority outside the golf course and courtroom, being honored as an inductee into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as a “Distinguished Letterwinner.” He’s proud father to Maggie, Libby and Sydney as well as grandad to two grandchildren! Ridley was honored for his contributions in 2005 through being inducted as part of this honor roll at Florida.

Net Worth and Influence.

Fred Ridley does not publicly reveal details regarding his net worth; however, his roles as Chairman of Augusta National and Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP likely contributed significantly. Furthermore, Ridley likely exploited relationships forged throughout golf to expand further business ventures.

Fred Ridley’s journey from Florida golfer to Chairman of Augusta National is one of dedication, excellence and leadership. His contributions in both legal practice and golf demonstrate his wide array of talents; while upholding traditions at Augusta National will ensure Ridley continues shaping the future of both. As his legacy in golf continues to expand with every new challenge he encounters!

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