Fritz Peterson Wife Who Is Fritz Peterson wife?

Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich’s story as former Major League Baseball pitchers for the New York Yankees stands out as being unorthodox and controversial. Beginning as two innocent acquaintances who exchanged wives during their early 1970s friendship, their unusual arrangement quickly progressed into an experiment of unconventional relationships that ultimately failed.

The Friendship and Swap

Peterson and Kekich’s friendship began innocently enough, with couples attending parties together and enjoying one another’s company. But their relationships soon took an unexpected and surprising turn when they decided to swap partners; according to Peterson it wasn’t about “wife-swapping”, rather it felt more like “life swapping,” with each couple believing they’d found their perfect mates within each other’s spouses.

The Fallout

While the arrangement served Peterson and Kekich’s wives well – Marilyn and Susanne respectively – it proved short-lived for both pitchers themselves as Marilyn and Kekich’s relationship quickly disintegrated, leading them to decide to part ways after only several months together. Although Peterson and Kekich agreed that any unhappy parties could call off the swap without incurring penalty fees, Peterson and Kekich found themselves caught off-guard when Marilyn decided she no longer desired Kekich as her mate.

Career and Legacy

Peterson earned a sterling career record for himself during 11 seasons with the Yankees, becoming widely revered for his command on the mound and charming personality – earning them 11 wins while compiling an average ERA of 3.30 over that span. He made 11 total starts, compiling an overall mark of 133-131 with 3.30 as an ERA.

The Yankees’ Reaction

The New York Yankees expressed profound sorrow upon hearing of Fritz Peterson’s passing, acknowledging both his contributions to their team and welcoming personality in their clubhouse. Alongside Mel Stottlemyre, Fritz Peterson formed a formidable pitching duo at Yankee Stadium; drawing respect both for his skills on the mound as well as off it.


The story of Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich serves as a powerful illustration of human relations and life’s unpredictable nature. What began as friendship between two baseball players ended up creating controversy and heartache; nonetheless, their story stands as an intriguing footnote in Major League Baseball history, serving as an indication that even unconventional decisions may sometimes have unexpected repercussions.

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