Jelly Roll Wife Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO?

Jelly Roll has become an internationally acclaimed name in country music, but Bunnie XO is taking attention for her incredible transformation and achievements since 2016 when they married each other. From living under his shadow to forging her own path as an influencer on social media platforms and successful podcast host.

A Love Story Born in Las Vegas

Bunnie DeFord met Jelly Roll in Las Vegas. As their romance progressed, Jelly Roll unexpectedly proposed at an outdoor concert and soon after proposed once more at home – leading them both down an unexpected yet romantic path that saw both ascend to great success in their respective fields. This marked an unexpected but significant turning point of events which would mark them for fame as they embarked upon new partnerships that saw both rise rapidly.

Rising Above the Past

Before she met Jelly Roll, Bunnie worked as an escort in Las Vegas. Following their relationship and Bailey’s birth – whom Bunnie adopted and considered one of her own – Bunnie sought new options; hoping to serve as a positive role model to Bailey as well as herself by leaving behind past endeavors and forging ahead into something that empowered both herself and others alike.

Empowering Women Through “Dumb Blonde”

Bunnie XO launched her “Dumb Blonde” podcast in 2019 as an outlet to share her experiences, insights and interviews with various guests. Within days it gained over 170,000 Instagram followers – serving as an incredible source of motivation to women looking for change or happiness within themselves. Through “Dumb Blonde”, Bunnie hopes to encourage female listeners to believe in their potential for transformation and happiness through belief alone.

Building an Empire

Bunnie is determined to succeed on her own terms, evidenced by her decision to build her brand independently from Jelly Roll. Since then she has expanded her influence by founding Dumb Blonde Productions entertainment company and signing with WME for management and booking; from being an escort to respected entrepreneur and influencer is truly testament of resilience and ambition.

A Stepmother’s Love

Bunnie credits her role as stepmother to Bailey as being instrumental to her transformation. Out of love for Bailey and to set an exemplary example for him, Bunnie made the difficult choice to leave her previous profession and embark upon building her new family; such commitment speaks volumes of how far Bunnie has come on her personal growth and commitment towards building better lives for herself and those close to her.

Help Jelly Roll on her Journey

Bunnie has played an invaluable role in Jelly Roll’s success as well. She assisted him in securing custody of his daughter by covering legal fees and offering stable living arrangements; not only did this strengthen their relationship, but it allowed Jelly Roll to focus on his music career resulting in its ultimate success within country music.

To Sum It All Up : An Example of Transformation and Empowerment

Bunnie XO’s journey from high-end escort to beloved figure of the entertainment industry is one of transformation and empowerment, serving as an inspiring model to women worldwide. Together with Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO shows that with love, determination, and an ambition to empower others anything is possible!

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