Kaka Ex Wife Who Is Kaka Ex Wife?

Caroline Celico, wife of Brazilian soccer star Kaka and former pastor at Reborn in Christ megachurch in Brazil has made waves by her extraordinary lifestyle transformation. Once revered and leading thousands of Christians with great religious devotion, Celico now shocks many by appearing sensuously photographed for RG Vogue Magazine’s September issue.

Sensual Photos Sparked Controversy

Recent photographs featuring Celico wearing bunny ears and wearing a T-shirt featuring an unconventional V-cut neck have generated much debate from churchgoers and fans. Many question what has caused Celico’s behavior change.

Departure from the Church

Celico began her transition away from religion in 2009 when she left Reborn in Christ denomination, preferring independent faith-following rather than organization religion. While Celico still considers herself devout Christian, her personal relationship with Him takes precedence over church affiliation.

Personal Philosophy

Celico has indicated in interviews that her home has now become her church, signalling a departure from traditional religious practices and emphasizing more personal, heart-centric approaches to spirituality than congregation-focused ones.

Disillusionment with Church

Celico expressed her disillusionment with organized religion and expressed disappointment with its emphasis on money as well as how certain incidents, like arrest of church leaders for fraud and money laundering were dealt with by them. She believes true faith should revolve around one’s relationship with God rather than financial contributions alone.

Return to Sao Paulo

As evidence of her devotion, Celico remains dedicated to Christianity despite leaving church. Now focused on charitable initiatives – she manages a website collecting donations for needy children – Celico also expressed an intention of returning with her family back to Sao Paulo as she wishes to reconnect with her roots and reconnect with old acquaintances there.


Caroline Celico’s journey from pastor to provocateur serves as an illustration of faith’s many layers and personal growth. While her change may have surprised some, it exemplifies her dedication to living authentically while following her spiritual path. Celico serves as a powerful reminder that faith is something deeply personal that evolves with time.

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