Lucien Laviscount Wife, Wiki, Age, Career, Achievement & More

Lucien Laviscount, the charming English actor admired by fans as the protagonist in “Emily in Paris”, has led an interesting romantic life journey since becoming famous. Fans naturally become curious as to who his significant other(s) might be so here’s a closer look at Lucien’s romantic connections over time.

Who Is Lucien Laviscount?

Lucien Laviscount first made headlines as an actor when his role on “Grange Hill” premiered in 2007. Since then, Laviscount has been linked to numerous co-stars and celebrities; although reports regarding Laviscount’s personal life suggest otherwise; most relationships confirmed remain strictly private for now.

Lucien Laviscount and Jesy Nelson

Lucien Laviscount was observed cuddling closely to former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson during a romantic rickshaw ride through London; although sources denied any romantic relationship was actually happening between the pair. However, this news caused quite the uproar with Little Mix fans since Laviscount had previously been linked with Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Lucien Pinnock of Little Mix fame.

Lucien Laviscount was said to have had an affair with Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix prior to any reports that he and Jesy Nelson may be seeing each other; however, his rumored relationships never turned into official ones.

Are You and Kelly Osbourne Connected in Any Way?

Lucien Laviscount was seen holding hands and enjoying dates with Kelly Osbourne in 2019, which quickly turned into something else as their relationship seems to have fizzled out quickly; little else is known of their time together.

Are They Engaged or Just Co-Stars?

Lucien Laviscount and Keke Palmer, co-stars on “Scream Queens,” were reported as dating briefly during 2015. As reported by Capital FM, their romance enjoyed several dates before disbanding after media reports confirmed it somewhat.

Lucien Laviscount Is Rumored for Her Relationships with Co-Stars

Lucien Laviscount has long been linked with various co-stars of his, such as Brooke Vincent, Dominique Jackson Amy Childs and Kerry Katona; none of the relationships have yet been verified and remain part of speculation regarding Laviscount’s love life.

Lucien Laviscount’s Mysterious Love Life

Lucien Laviscount’s romantic journey has been filled with short encounters, rumored flings, and unconfirmed relationships. As his popularity of Emily in Paris grows, fans want more details of his personal life; unfortunately for now Laviscount remains tight-lipped regarding this aspect – leaving much to the imagination for fans hoping that Lucien and Emily find each other. Meanwhile – no actor appears publicly dating anyone so there may still be hope that something may develop between himself and Emily herself!

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