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Markus Jooste was once synonymous with success and wealth in South African business circles, serving as CEO for Steinhoff International – one of the leading multinational retail groups – during his time there as well as being recognised for his passion in horse breeding – earning him one of Africa’s wealthiest individuals with an estimated net worth estimated at $400 Million at that time.

What Led to His Downfall?

Unfortunately, Jooste’s career took an abrupt turn when he abruptly resigned from Steinhoff in December 2017 in response to an accounting scandal involving questionable accounting practices dating back at least 2016 within its Central European operations – leading to losses totalling approximately EUR10 billion and increasing as the scandal progressed. This abrupt resignation followed months of revelations of irregularities within these operations which caused massive market value losses for Steinhoff due to further exposure of irregularities related to these irregularities as this scandal developed and spread out more and further losses will undoubtedly accrue as investigations were revealed regarding this scandal unfolded further and further losses are expected as this scandal develops further.

Charges of Misconduct

Following their investigation, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) charged Jooste with misconduct following an exhaustive probe. SAICA considered his actions dishonorable, dishonest and unworthy bringing the profession of accountancy into disrepute; breaches related to integrity, objectivity confidentiality and professional behavior had occurred as well as using inside information against Steinhoff investments; significant accounting issues had also not been disclosed adequately within their financial statements.

Early Life and Career

Markus Jooste was born January 22 in Pretoria, South Africa and began his business journey by attending Stellenbosch University and then University of Cape Town as an undergraduate. Soon thereafter he entered corporate as a chartered accountant; quickly rising through the ranks to become Finance Director at GommaGomma at only 27. Working closely under German entrepreneur Claas Daun, Jooste played an instrumental role in merging Daun’s company with Bruno Steinhoff’s European firm to form Steinhoff International.

Jooste’s Horse Racing Ventures.

Jooste also had an acute interest in horse racing and became one of the largest investors globally and locally through Mayfair Speculators. Later he and some colleagues formed Klawervlei Stud to further increase his presence within horse racing circles.

Markus Jooste is married to Ingrid Jooste and they share three children together. Currently based out of Stellenbosch in South Africa, despite his impressive presence within business world, Markus prefers not to remain active on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Net Worth and Status Analysis.

At his career’s peak, Markus Jooste had an estimated net worth of $400 Million; however, following a scandal and related legal proceedings his financial status has undoubtedly taken a hit. Although exact details regarding his current net worth may not be made publicly available.

Markus Jooste’s life story is an epitome of success-turned-failure in corporate America. Once revered as an influential business mogul and figurehead in horse racing, his legacy has since been marred by an accounting scandal at Steinhoff International that caused his dramatic departure. While legal proceedings continue and Jooste awaits their verdict on their career.

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