Nova Whitfield, Age, Bio, Kids, Personal Life & More

John Whitfield, more commonly known by his stage name DcYoungFly, is making waves as one of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out featured artists. As her father’s child she is finding her place within society while honoring both their legacy and personal dreams.

How Did Her Parents’ Relationship Start?

DcYoungFly and Ms Jacky Oh began their love story together in 2015. Since then, their romance has flourished, leading them to eventually have their daughter together. Their story of love and partnership is an inspiring tale to many; an example for others to emulate.

What Sets Her Apart From Her Competition?

Named in honor of her daughter J.nova by her entrepreneurial mother Ms Jacky Oh (model and actress), Ms Jacky launched a lip gloss collection named in J.nova’s honor as an expression of deep affection as well as setting an example for turning love into creativity.

Who Are Her Family Members?

Her family life is filled with both talent and affection; Ms Jacky Oh is not only an actress and model herself; she even appeared alongside DcYoungFly on Wild ‘N Out. Unfortunately, Ms Jacky passed away tragically in May 2023 leaving behind an inspiring legacy of strength and grit that she shares closely with Nala and Prince (two younger siblings who share an intense connection).

What Memorable Moment Did She Share With Ice Cube?

One unforgettable memory in her life came when she took a photo with Ice Cube while both sitting courtside at a basketball game; an encounter which not only highlighted their mutual connections in entertainment world but also demonstrated her exposure to influential figures at an early age.

As the daughter of DcYoungFly and Ms Jacky Oh, she is growing up in an environment filled with creativity, talent, and love. Even after suffering the tragic loss of her mother, she continues to have strong familial support as she experiences moments that many can only dream about. From having her unique name celebrated through lip gloss collections sold at department stores like Sephora to her connections to notable figures like Ice Cube; she’s well on her way towards making an imprint in society.

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