Oj Simpson Net Worth, Bio, Personal Life, Career, Struggle, And Much More!

“O.J.” Simpson was born July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California to Raquelle James Simpson following her separation from Oenthal James Simpson; raised by his mother after this initial period was turbulent with street gang involvement but ultimately finding inspiration through baseball star Willie Mays to change course and excelling as an All-America defensive back at USC until winning Heisman in 1968.

NFL Career and Earnings

O.J. Simpson became one of the highest-paid players in NFL at that time after being chosen as their number-one draft selection by Buffalo Bills in 1969, demanding and receiving a contract worth $650,000 over five years. Simpson became known for exceptional performances like becoming the first person ever to rush for over 2,000 yards consecutively during 1973; both for Buffalo and San Francisco 49ers teams and receiving substantial salaries throughout his tenure in each one.

Entertainment Personal Life and Endorsements

O.J. Simpson expanded beyond football into acting and television as well. His performances in multiple movies such as ‘The Towering Inferno” and “The Naked Gun” series showcased his skill beyond football’s field. Simpson was also an established television commentator during NFL games while reaping lucrative endorsement deals like Hertz which added substantially to his wealth.

Personal Life and Legal Troubles

Personal and Legal Troubles Simpson was embroiled in numerous controversies during his lifetime, particularly his troubled relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, his accusers in 1994. Following what would later become known as the infamous ‘Trial of the Century,’ Simpson was eventually cleared but found responsible in subsequent civil trials, where damages reached $33.5 Million over time; an amount which only continued to accumulate as time progressed.

Financial Decline and Legal Issues

Financial Decline and Legal Issues
After his acquittal at trial, Simpson found himself facing financial challenges including foreclosure on his Brentwood mansion and bankruptcy filing. Furthermore, Simpson saw his net worth decline significantly and became dependent on an NFL pension that provided protection from legal claims against it as his main source of income.

Latter Years and Legacy

In 2007, Simpson was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas, later found guilty, sentenced to 33 years, serving nine before finally being paroled out in 2017. Nonetheless, Simpson remains an intriguing subject within sports, entertainment and law industries alike – leaving behind an undeniably complex legacy behind.


O.J. Simpson’s life was an intricate tale of fame, fortune and controversy spanning three decades: from his legendary football career through to personal drama and legal battles that made headlines around the globe. Yet for all his achievements on both field and screen in later life – financial hardship and legal troubles often eclipsed those early successes; leaving behind an unforgettable example of celebrity life’s highs and lows for future generations to experience first-hand. His legacy serves as an object lesson on living such a life!

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