RFK Jr Net Worth, Family, Career And Personal Life

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has become one of the most visible figures in American society due to his extensive work as an environmental lawyer, author, and activist. Born January 17th 1954 in Washington D.C. – one of eleven children belonging to Ethel and Senator Robert F Kennedy; with an estimated net worth of $50 Million as at December 2017 — Kennedy has made significant contributions towards environmental preservation, public health initiatives, and environmental advocacy causes.

Early Years and Education

Assassination had left an indelible mark on Kennedy’s early life. Though deeply affected, he attended some renowned schools such as Georgetown Preparatory School and Harvard, studying American History and Literature respectively. Later he received both his Juris Doctor from University of Virginia as well as Masters of Laws degrees from Pace University.

Legal Career and Environmental Advocacy

Kennedy started out his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan before joining Hudson Riverkeeper organization and later founding Pace University Environmental Litigation Clinic, becoming involved with numerous high-profile environmental cases and founding Kennedy & Madonna, LLP, which specialises in environmental litigation issues including pollution control and indigenous rights.

Controversial View on Vaccines

Outside his legal work, Kennedy is widely revered for his strong opinions regarding vaccines. As chairman of Children’s Health Defense and an avid critic of vaccination practices generally, he has often linked them with autism or autoimmune conditions and their associated conditions such as MMR vaccine. His opinions on vaccination have caused considerable discussion within medical communities worldwide.

Personal Life and Relationships

Kennedy has had an equally eventful personal life. He has been married three times; Cheryl Hines currently being his third. However, Kennedy’s earlier relationships to Emily Ruth Black and Mary Kathleen Richardson both ended in divorce while Richardson tragically committed suicide shortly afterwards in 2012. Since he has six children between these relationships.

Hobbies and Real Estate Ventures

Kennedy is a passionate outdoor enthusiast. As an experienced master falconer and whitewater kayaking enthusiast, Kennedy enjoys exploring nature. Additionally, his property holdings include both Malibu compound and Brentwood mansion investments which reflect his lavish lifestyle.

Overcoming Personal Challenges in 2016

Kennedy has faced his share of difficulties throughout his life. Legal matters, including arrest for drug possession, have plagued him; yet despite these setbacks he continues to advocate for environmental and public health causes.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s legacy and impact are complexly interwoven together with environmental activism, legal achievements, and personal controversy. Through his advocacy work he brought focus to environmental health concerns while his personal life came under public scrutiny; overall his impactful contributions remain indelible on American society today.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s life story demonstrates resilience and commitment to cause. Despite facing numerous personal and professional setbacks, he remains an outspoken champion for environmental preservation and public health causes despite any obstacles along his path to fame and fortune. Robert’s journey provides us with insight into living under public scrutiny while constantly fighting to make this planet better place to inhabit.

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