Rick Hendrick Net Worth Where did Rick Hendrick Make His money?

Rick Hendrick is an American business mogul and retired race car driver with an incredible net worth estimated to top one billion dollars. Best known as the owner of Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR team and leading Hendrick Automotive Group empire that spans 140 franchises over 14 states as the sixth-largest dealership chain.

Rick was born Joseph Riddick Hendrick III on July 12, 1949, in Warrenton, North Carolina and spent much of his early childhood years on a farm near Palmer Springs in Virginia. At 14, Rick discovered a passion for racing when he built a 1931 Chevrolet for drag racing; by 16 he’d already won Virginia Chrysler-Plymouth Troubleshooting Contests; initially considering baseball career options before discovering automotive industry as his true calling and becoming both racing icon and business mogul.

From Humble Beginnings to Racing Legend

After graduating college, Rick used his entrepreneurial drive to open a small used-car lot. By age 26, he had become one of America’s youngest Chevrolet dealers – this venture laid the groundwork for Hendrick Automotive Group which today employs over 10,000 staff with annual revenues exceeding $9 billion in 2016.

Dominance in Motorsports

Rick Hendrick’s journey in motorsports started back in the late ’70s with drag boat racing; winning three championships and setting world records along the way. By 1984 he moved onto NASCAR racing with All-Star Racing (later Hendrick Motorsports). Since then it has featured drivers such as Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott, Alex Bowman and William Byron to secure 12 Monster Energy Cup Series Championships as part of its driver line-up; 345 race wins and 290 pole positions under Rick Hendrick’s leadership!

My Journey through Success and Tribulations”

Rick has experienced both joys and sorrow in his personal life. Marrying Linda, they raised two children – Ricky (an aspiring race car driver) and Lynn. Rick fought chronic myelogenous leukemia for decades until its remission since 1999; legal troubles in the 1990s ultimately earned him a presidential pardon; yet Rick’s resilience and determination saw him through.

Philanthropy and Legacies

Rick has demonstrated his good deeds through several programs such as Hendrick Marrow Program and Hendrick Family Foundation, each dedicated to supporting various charitable causes spanning education and healthcare. For his contributions in 2017 alone – such as induction into NASCAR Hall of Fame – Rick received several prestigious honors that recognize and acknowledge him, such as being inducted as part of NASCAR Hall of Fame Class 33!

Rick has enjoyed incredible success as evidenced by the luxurious lifestyle that surrounds him – with an estimated worth of a $3.65 million home in Charlotte, North Carolina; $35 Million Yacht; and $15 Million Gulfstream G-V Private Jet as tangible testaments of his hard work and devotion to his craft.

Conclusion of A Racing Titan’s Enduring Legacy

Rick Hendrick’s journey from being an interested farm boy who wanted to race, to an automotive and racing magnate worth billions is one of passion, determination, and success. While steering Hendrick Motorsports to new heights of success under NASCAR rules is cemented into history. His legacy as one of NASCAR’s premier team owners remains secure today.

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