Roberto Cavalli Wife Who Is Roberto Cavalli Wife?

Roberto Cavalli’s turbulent love life could best be described as turbulent; twice divorced before finding true happiness again with Swedish model Sandra Nilsson.

Early Marriages

Cavalli first married Silvanella Giannoni in 1964; together, they had two children together: Tommaso and Christiana. However, after 10 years the two parted ways. He then wed former Miss Austria Eva Maria Duringer in 1980 with whom he shared three more children – Robert, Rachele, and Daniele; this marriage continued up to 2020.

Unconventional Beginnings

Cavalli disclosed in an interview that he married his first wife using all the first money he earned and first made love on their wedding night; nine months and 10 days after this encounter came her birth.

Meeting Sandra Nilsson

Cavalli found romance when he met Swedish model Sandra Nilsson in 2014. Despite their significant age difference, they soon fell in love and have since been partners ever since – Sandra was even featured as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in January 2008. Sandra remains supportive in Cavalli’s life today.

Professional Partnership

Eva Maria Duringer became creative director for Roberto Cavalli collection in 2003 and worked alongside husband/partner Robert Duringer closely. Even after their separation in 2010, both continued collaborating professionally.

Personal Philosophy and Beliefs

Cavalli’s decision to leave organized religion led him to view his home as his church and disillusionment with traditional church practices centered around tithing and offering. Instead, he focused on developing his relationship with God and living a life guided by faith.

Legacy and Tributes

Legacy and Tributes Cavalli’s passing has been met with respect from fashion industry players as well as celebrities alike, with Giorgio Armani hailing him a “true artist”, while Adriana Lima and Zendaya both made remarks honoring his creativity and legacy in fashion.

Lasting Impact in Fashion

Cavalli first made an impactful statement about fashion during his early 70s career by using animal prints and creating designs known for their fantasy appeal; his designs soon earned him legendary status among fashion enthusiasts.


Roberto Cavalli lived a colorful and remarkable life that will continue to inspire generations of fashion designers for decades to come. From early hardships to his rise to fame, Cavalli was filled with love, passion and creativity which will remain his lasting legacy within fashion design.

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