Toby Keith Net Worth, Bio, Life, Age, Musical Success And Much More!

Toby Keith Covel was born July 8, 1961, in Clinton, Oklahoma and became inspired by musicians performing at his grandmother’s supper club in Fort Smith Arkansas when he was young. Inspired by these musicians’ talent he picked up guitar at age eight and joined their house band before graduating to semi-pro football before transitioning into music as his chosen profession.

Rise to Fame

In the early ’90s, Toby Keith moved from California to Nashville with hopes of starting his country music career. Although initially unsuccessful in landing an agent and record deal at Mercury Records, his debut single titled “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” released in 1993 became an instantaneous chart-topping hit and set the foundation of what would eventually become one of country music’s premier artists. Since then he has released more hit singles and albums throughout both decades, cementing his status as one of country music’s premier artists and country artists in history.

Musical Success and Entrepreneurship

Over his 40-year career, Toby Keith released 19 studio albums, two Christmas albums, five compilation albums, selling more than 40 million records worldwide. Known for songs with patriotic themes and storytelling elements that resonated with audiences around the globe and received awards and accolades; his entrepreneurial ventures extended well beyond music with establishments of his “I Love This Bar & Grill” chains and his investment into Big Machine Records being among his successful ventures.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Toby Keith was widely respected for his charitable works in support of veterans. He regularly took part in charity concerts to raise awareness and funds for causes close to his heart, including veterans. Despite juggling multiple projects at once, Keith found time for family as he married Tricia Lucus since 1984 and raised three children together with Tricia Lucus as part of their household.


Toby Keith has made an indelible mark on country music and popular culture alike with his timeless, genuine and accessible songs that continue to reach global audiences. But beyond music alone, Keith leaves an impressive legacy through charitable giving as well as entrepreneurial ventures which have left an indelible imprint in their respective industries.


Toby Keith has become one of country music’s premier performers thanks to his extraordinary talent, persistence and entrepreneurial drive. His music will remain influential to generations to come as will his impactful legacy on both fans’ hearts as well as on music industry itself.

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