Tree T Pee Net Worth How Rich Is Tree T Pee?

Johnny Georges from Arcadia, Florida invented and popularized Tree-T-Pee, revolutionizing tree protection and irrigation for citrus trees. However, its effectiveness could benefit many other tree species as well. As an expert in tree care with over two decades’ experience in tree care industry, author of this article emphasizes its versatility and potential adoption by various tree species – offering convincing arguments in support of it being adopted widescale by users worldwide.

The Tree-T-Pee Concept

The Tree-T-Pee is an eco-friendly barrier made of 100% recycled plastic which surrounds trees in order to form an enclosed mini greenhouse environment, protecting small trees from environmental conditions and decreasing irrigation water requirements by switching irrigation over to individual drip emitters for each barrier. Furthermore, its placement prevents unwanted grass or weeds from receiving moisture thereby decreasing maintenance expenses and time required by keeping their presence under control.

Tree-T-Pee Benefits Extend to All Types

While commercial citrus growers have found great success using the Tree-T-Pee for commercial citrus tree cultivation, its benefits extend far beyond this species alone. Thanks to the mini greenhouse effect created by its design, the Tree-T-Pee can facilitate faster tree growth with reduced water usage – perfect for fruit tree growers as well as those looking for ways to conserve it!

Current Market Expansion

Tree-T-Pee is currently only offered in one size with a minimum order quantity of 15 units, which may turn away some customers who need only smaller packages such as 3 or 5-unit “Shark Tank Special.” By offering smaller package options such as these “Shark Tank Special,” Tree-T-Pee could attract homeowners, landscapers and tree enthusiasts without an urgent need to purchase multiple pieces at one time.

Addressing Customer Needs

Expanding Tree-T-Pee’s customer reach could dramatically expand market share and revenue. Offering multiple sizes and package options allows it to cater to large scale commercial growers as well as individual tree owners alike.


Tree-T-Pee has the potential to become a multimillion-dollar enterprise by expanding beyond citrus tree farms. Through minor adjustments and offering smaller package options, its reach could expand further still and tap into an expansive market of fruit tree growers, homeowners, landscapers and gardeners who could reap great value from its innovative design. As Johnny Georges continues expanding his business empire, Tree-T-Pee will undoubtedly see widespread adoption within tree protection and irrigation industries alike.

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