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Verne Lundquist has long been revered as one of the premier voices in sports broadcasting, becoming an irreplaceable voice over decades with CBS covering NCAA Basketball tournaments such as March Madness and Masters tournaments, along with other PGA Championship events and his legendary calls as one of their anchors. Born July 17, 1940 in Duluth Minnesota he established himself early as one of television sportscasting’s premier voices during this career spanning several decades and several continents – and most notably during CBS coverage of NCAA Basketball tournaments like March Madness Masters tournament coverage is evidenced of his unrivalled status among fellow broadcasters!

Journey Through Sports Media

Verne’s early interests in sports were evident as he played basketball and baseball before transitioning into media as a disc jockey at WOC during his youth years. This early exposure to broadcasting would pave the way for an amazing sports journalism career that Lundquist would go on to pursue at Texas Lutheran University and Austin High School while honing his broadcasting techniques.

An Exemplary Broadcast Career

Verne Lundquist first made an impactful professional mark at WFAA-TV in Dallas as a sports anchor, where his talent quickly led him onto other prominent networks including ABC from 1974 until 1981 and eventually CBS where he would become an unforgettable figure renowned for capturing sport moments with clarity and emotion – quickly earning him fans both inside and outside his field of sports journalism alike.

Lundquist even played himself in the 1996 motion picture “Happy Gilmore”, showing his versatility beyond traditional broadcast roles. Lundquist was honored for his contributions in sports media by being inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame in 2007.

Temporary Retirement and Return

Lundquist announced his retirement back in December 2016, yet returned for March Madness coverage as evidence of his dedication and passion for broadcasting sports stories to life. Not only was his return a tribute to his lasting ability, but also showed the magnitude of impact sports broadcasting had on him personally and on society at large.

Beyond the Commentary Booth

Verne Lundquist lives a full and productive life away from television broadcasting, too. Since 1982 – following their chance meeting at a Dallas bar – Verne has been happily married to Nancy Lundquist; their life-long partnership marks an exciting new phase in both of their personal lives after two previous failed relationships. Their loving marriage contrasts well with his busy professional endeavors, creating the picture of a life well lived both personally and professionally.

Philanthropy and Individual Interests

Beyond broadcasting, Lundquist is also well known for his charitable endeavors and community involvement. Through numerous initiatives that reflect his dedication to giving back, such as advocating for education and sports programs he shows his dedication in using his platform for positive social change.

Legacy and Future Endeavors

As Verne Lundquist continues to make his mark on sports broadcasting, his legacy stands as testament to his outstanding skill at engaging and electrifying sports fans worldwide. From NCAA basketball games to golf tournaments and everything in-between, his voice remains associated with some of the most pivotal sporting moments ever witnessed by humanity. Sports communities worldwide eagerly anticipate his commentary because every event covered by Lundquist adds class and historical importance.


Verne Lundquist’s career exemplifies both his love of sports and broadcasting expertise, from early days as a disc jockey to his legendary status as sportscaster he has demonstrated professionalism and charisma throughout. Even after retirement his work speaks of unwavering dedication to sports journalism making him one of the legendary figures within this field.

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